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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tenores de Aterue in concert, this Friday Feb 24 - 8 pm

suggested donation: $10 - $15

Click to see a brief  video clip of the group!

Come join Tenores de Aterúe ("Singers from Elsewhere" in Sardinian) for some beautiful Cantu a Tenore songs, and a smattering of songs from Corsica and the Italian lauda tradition. Cantu a Tenore is an a cappella quartet tradition from the Island of Sardinia that was declared aMasterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Our quartet has been singing Sardinian songs together for about four years, and we'd love to share this unique, powerful, and subtle polyphonic tradition with you! 

We'd also be very grateful for your support in funding our first study trip to Sardinia!


Mark Mellinger said...

Heard you at MassMoCA in August. Need a CD badly. Please help.

Unknown said...

Dear Sirs,
the "Tenores d'aterue" will be in concert with DeA Musical Group in Sardinia at May,18 2013 in the Natural Park of Tadasuni (ORISTANO).
DeA are a musical group that has studied all influences of the mediterranium people in the sardinian folk music. (www.dieeamargura.altervista.org/prof.html)

We are sure that will be a great event.