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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tenores de Aterue
Friday, November 30 - 8 pm

suggested donation $10 - $15

Tenores De Aterúe formed in 2008 and have become somewhat of a sensation. Their YouTube videos have gone viral in Sardinia, as they are the first non-natives ever to attempt the unusual cantu a tenore quartet vocal technique, which involves harmonic throat singing in parts! The effect is something otherworldly, often sounding more like instruments than human voice! Sardinian song will be showcased, complemented with some choice Corsican and Italian gems.

"Really good, dear friends. You've faced and overcome an ocean of difficulties, and the result is delicious." - YouTube comment from Sardinian viewer.

Here is a video from their 2012 performance at the Golden Festival in Brooklyn:

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